Q. Should I feed a ferret cat food?

A. No, cat food is not suitable for ferrets. I recommend a mix of raw chicken (including skin) and specialist dried food such a James Wellbeloved Ferret Food.

Q. Are ferrets rodents like rats?

A. No, they are a carniverous mammal.

Q. Can ferrets be returned to the wild?

A. Ferrets are a domesticated animal in the UK and as such would be unlikely to survive long in the wild.

Q. My ferret smells. Is there anything I can do?

A. It's more likely the bedding that is smelling. I recommend old clean towels rather than straw for bedding.

Q. Should I build a big high cage for my ferret?

A. I recommend a low long cage for ferrets with a separate area for sleeping. Big cages like an old aviary may seem like a good idea but whilst ferrets are quite good a climbing up things, when they reach the top, they're not sure what to do and normally just drop to the ground. In doing so they can easily injure themselves without intention.